prognosisprognosis is a term used by doctors to describe the likely outcome of the disease along
a diagnosed patient is expected to live and the quality of life expected during that
time diffuse modem as a feeling Elmer is an extremely aggressive disease and the prognosis
is very poor Orthop laurel as appealing on whatever perch anneal abdominal their median
the survival time of six to eighteen months after diagnosis is reported as billy almost classified
into three types based on the type of tissue involve epithelia ll fifty per cent of the
causes sarcoma tried fifteen per cent of the cases and mixed type thirty-five per cent of the
cases epithelium mesothelioma has a better survival rate than the sarcoma toy or mixed

types there a feeling all that is also classified based on site aboriginal involvement the
plural or long-time is most common approximately eighty per cent of cases are plural in our
Jim pretty mail or abdominal mesothelioma is much rarer the prognosis for many
cancers depend on how poorly the disease is diagnosed and treatment has begun one of
the main problems in diagnosing mesothelioma are that the first symptoms can be very
vague patients made first visit their doctors with symptoms of shortness of breath or chest
the pain these symptoms can be present with a large number of other conditions and by the time
other diseases and conditions are ruled out the mesothelium of may have advanced quite
far so it a develops very rapidly sometimes does is doing on the develops without symptoms
at first, the sign may be a pluralist fusion or fluid around the lungs that is noticed

incidentally and a chest x-ray is done for other reasons the mesothelioma gets a jump start
before it is ever diagnosed making the prognosis all the more severe following a diagnosis of
pleural mesothelioma testing and shortness of breath will inevitably become
worse sometimes followed by weight loss night sweats anorexia the tumour gradually
obliterates the pleural space and replaces any pleural fluid the lung becomes incased it is not
free to move the line can be completely covered and ethical rind of a tumour a five
centimetres or more operating to remove this degree of a tumour and casement may be a very
high risk to the patient or impossible the oxygenated blood shunted through the long which
leads to fatigue and lower oxygen levels it may not be improved by supplemental

oxygen there may be an invasion of the chest wall in nearby structures by tumour mass which can
cause increasing pain and other Edna counties such as a difficulty of swallowing compression
of the superior via cable vocal cord or diaphragm paralysis the test the system occur to the
other long the brain or other sites will this is fairly uncommon much more common
problem its expansion into the abdominal cavity this could be particularly a problem for
patients who have had a good response to or early aggressive therapy for pleural disease with
the increase in survival time comes increased chance of spread to the abdominal cavity depth
usually occurs from infection par respiratory failure rather than as a direct result of
metastatic disease expansion into the abdomen may cause death by Paul


obstruction evasion of the hardcore

pericardium may cause death from a rhythm you know a heart
failure or stroke diffuse malignant cartoon illnesses deal ma or dm pm the rarer
type of begins in the abdomen is overall survival rate averaging one year most of these are
apathy lily types there are reports of a more in Dylan type of dm pm which progresses
slowly if you have significantly longer survival rates measured in years rather than
months and a major predictor of survival rate indium is the depth of invasion of the Powell
lol with cases of only superficial invasion having a logger survival rate surgical resection of
affected by all in these cases may improve life expectancy doctors look at his side of
indicators twenty turning prognosis for any disease condition in

cases of the mesothelium

Amalthea are several known factors that are associated with better prognosis or worse
prognosis indicators of a better prognosis and our longer life expectancy and higher quality of
life includes earlier stage epithelial-type of mesothelium age under sixty-five years at
diagnose absence of chest pain good performance status which is a measurement of cancer
patient well being based on factors such as the ability to work care for himself neck saraband
presence of symptoms for more than six months before diagnosis this less factor may
indicate a more Edelman or less aggressive form of mesothelioma indicators of a poor
prognosis include higher stage presence of high platelet counts in the blood or from both
sides hosts elevated white blood cell count favour of known or go toy or mixed

type of mesothelium age sixty-five or older techno small and poor performance
status must often the treatment for mesothelioma is palliatively meaning it is based on using them
symptoms there currently no irradiation therapy can help with reducing the
spread of tumour tissue orbit Estes is going to clinical trials using a combination of
radiation-chemo therapy and surgery but no combination has clearly been shown to increase
survival rates however experimental treatments such as gene therapy and immunotherapy
offer hope for longer survival emerging fair please follow a multimodality approach
attacking the disease surgery chemotherapy and radiation therapy and our transit Justin

greater survival rates aggressive surgery may involve removal of plural long diaphragm and
the pericardium is treatment games to remove as much tumour tissue that possible while
leaving normal lung tissue intact there are some preliminary statistics that suggest the
combining such aggressive surgery with radiation and chemotherapy for certain subset of
younger healthier patients may greatly improve life expectancy sometimes it could be helpful

 look at the specific numbers rather than large-scale statistical studies if it in a fire or institute
in Boston, doctors follow case histories of one hundred twenty patients book
laura mesothelioma from nineteen eighty to nineteen ninety five-all these patients was
treated with surgery and a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy some
received immunotherapy of patients with sarcoma toyed or mixed type
mesothelioma twenty per cent were alive two years later all had died within five

years patience with epithelia lately at a much better outlook those with no involvement left
knows hot seventy-four per cent survival rate after two years and thirty-nine per cent
survived after five years newer therapies will probably push the survival numbers higher as

better combinations of treatments are proved a clinical trial though very rare long-term

survivors of mesothelioma do exist of greater than ten years close diagnosis researchers

speculate said survival rates, in this case, may have more to do with individual differences

among patients than the types of therapy, they received thank you for watching this video was

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